More Like Sisters!

Today is Regan and Ramsey's 19th birthday! I can't believe that they are all grown up, graduated from high school and going to college. I am an only child but I have never felt like one because my family is so incredibly close. Growing up, I always had Paula and Jennifer to hang out and do things with. We were all 3 only children, so we had to improvise and make the best of each other's company. My Granny Ma could tell you some stories about us!!!! Then came Kirby. She was the first baby our family had seen in almost 10 years and boy, were we happy to have her!! It wasn't too long after she got here, well actually 13 months, that Regan and Ramsey were born. I remember mom, Granny Ma and I driving to the hospital in Chattanooga just in time for Uncle Danny to come out and tell us the good news, "One boy and one girl!"

These 3 children were sooo loved and I could not get enough of them. They have always been special to me and I have never seen them as cousins because we are much closer than that. This post is dedicated to my "sisters"! This picture was taken at my Granny Ma's 80th Birthday party. From right to left: Regan, Paula, Jennifer, Kirby, Me, Granny Ma and Arden. Isn't our Granny Ma beautiful??? I love you all very much! Oh, and I couldn't leave Ramsey out, it is his birthday, too. Love you, RJ!


Kirby Williams said...

I love you sis! I have always felt so loved. I feel like I have four sisters and not two. I love you and Paula so much. I remember when you used to take me everywhere you went when I was younger and I felt so cool because you were older than me. I love you. Thanks for being a great cousin, sister, and friend.

Paula Ann Wanamaker said...

Love the photo!! Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me, no matter what! I love all my "girls" and I am so very proud of all of you and what you have become!
Have a great day at the zoo. Tell Mike to look for the bald eagles!!haha
love ya girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie Miller said...

I just saw your blog from Jen's blog. I am excited to enter the world of blogging. I am right with you that this is more my speed than myspace. I love all the pics!!! Arden is BEAUTIFUL!!