Where have I been??

Well, where do I start? Since my last post, we were actually out of school for a total of 6 days! That was VERRRRYYYY nice! However, I was ready to go back and get on schedule...or so I thought! But while we were off I stayed pretty busy cleaning house, doing homework and just hanging out. On Monday night I hosted Keno for my girlfriends from church (missed you Tanya). We had a blast and I won a lime green body pillow, which Mike has taken over! Tuesday, Mike, mom, Arden, Channing and I were going to go to the Bounce Barn but they were closed, so we had lunch at Boskey's...yummmooo as usual! I suggest the Chicken Salad Sandwich and mushrooms, but everything there is deeelicious!!!
Tuesday night we watched Fireproof with some other couples at church. It is also being showed tonight for the public...if you are married and you haven't seen it, you should! It is awesome! There is a couples class that goes along with it called Fireproofing your marriage that begins on the 8th. Thursday it was back to school! Friday morning started off as usual...up at 5:30 yada yada yada! I get Channing up at 6:15, just like everyday put her on the changing table to get her dressed. Well, this morning she decides that she wants to roll off of the table onto the floor and make her mommy have a heart attack! Mike was already out the door getting ready to leave for work and I yelled at him to come back in the house. He had no idea what was going on but within a minute we were in the car on the way to the ER. Channing never really cried and that is what had me scared. By the time we got to the ER, she was laughing and being her happy self. I still wanted to have her checked out because you can never be too sure. The Dr. came in and ordered an MRI. She wasn't really excited about having to lay still and I had to take her earrings out...she didn't like that either! But she was a champ and did great. Everything came back ok. Thank goodness! While all of this was going on Paula called to see if she could get Arden after school and when she heard what was happening, she came and got Arden from the ER and took her home with her. I assumed we would be at the hospital all day but to my surprise, it was a quick trip. It was a very scary experience, but everyone says that children must fall off of something before they are a year old, so I guess she is good! :)She also has a new nickname...I am going to call her Bam Bam!! She is one tough little girl!

Saturday we did go to the Bounce Barn and it is fab! Carrie, Caylie, Wes, Regan, Connor, Arden, Channing and I took off around 10:30. We "bounced" til about 12:30 and then stopped at Cracker Barrell on the way home. We had a great time and I think this will be our next birthday party place. I had as much fun as the kids and it is a great workout! Especially when you are carrying a 2 year old up with you! I have pix that I will post later!


Whooo Hoooo

That 3 day weekend is now a 5 day weekend! Life is good! Just another one of the reasons I LOVE MY JOB!! Now I am getting ready to play Keno with some girlfriends from church and do a little celebrating!!


It's been too long!

It has been so long since I have had time to post what's going on in our lives, but I have a good excuse. Actually, I have lots of them: going back to school, sick baby, homework, and still trying to have a life. Going back to school has been a challenge, but it is fun all at the same time. So far, I have a 99 avg. and have made A's on my last two papers. I love writing papers, but have always used MLA style, but this class requires APA, so that in itself has been a challenge. It is hard to change habits that you have had since high school. I am learning so much, but am having lots of late nights working on assignments. And anyone that knows me, knows that I go to bed around 8:00 during the week, so it has been hard for me to stay up. I have been balancing it all pretty well.

Arden got a great report card. She had all A's again this six weeks and amazes me with how smart she is. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on and is constantly wanting to have "spelling tests". I am so proud of her!

Channing is crawling everywhere and has started saying Bye Bye, da da and said Ma ma the other day while she was crying. So I am not sure if that counts or not. hehe!

I hope everyone has had a great long weekend! Hugs!XOXOXO


Prayer for Andy

Please say a special prayer for Andy! He will be having PET scan tommorrow.



We have had alot going on at our house the past couple of weeks. I am sure everyone else feels like I do...too much to do and not enough time. We had a fabulous Christmas and, as usual, ate too much, slept too late and got too many gifts, but I am so thankful for it all. This Christmas we special because it was Channing's first, but she could have cared less, so it was still really all about Arden. Next year, Channing will be more aware of what's going on.

The Monday after Christmas we headed to Chattanooga to spend a couple of days at Uncle Danny and Bubble's house. We had a blast! Kirby, Regan, Connor, Jennifer, Mylie, and Salem were also there at the same time we were, so the house was full and we slept in the floor, in the recliner, had 2 babies in pack n plays, another baby on the couch, and some in beds. It was fun to be together! As if we are not together enough already! :) We had a great New Years, as well. We spent time with friends and family on New Year's Eve. We had lunch at Donald and Tish's Cabin, played games, and I laughed til I cried and then had dinner at Mim's house on New Year's Day. That is all we have done for 2 weeks is eat! I am sick of food!

Mike loves his job with the highway patrol and I am so thankful he is doing something he loves. When he worked at Bridgestone, he was not happy, but it was a great job and he did it for us. Now we are both fortunate to have jobs that we enjoy going to each day. Work shouldn't feel like work, it should be your passion!

I started my classes on the 30th and am working my tail off! I have already had to write a paper(love writing papers, seriously! That is my thing!) and have a group project due on Monday. It is going great and I am learning so much from the other teachers in my class.

Arden lost another tooth on Thursday night, so she is racking up from the tooth fairy! She looks so cute, but I will be glad when her adult teeth come in...or maybe not, because that will mean braces very soon!
Sorry I don't have any new pictures, I will have some in the next few days, hopefully.

I hope everyone has a great 2009! May you be blessed like you have never been blessed, love like you have never been loved, and give like you have never given!

Now, if someone has a secret potion to make me get back on my "school schedule" of going to bed at 8:30 and getting up at 5:00, would you please send it to me! I have been going to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 and not getting up until 9:00, what I am going to do Monday morning, I have NO IDEA!!!