Girls Night Out!

Arden is completey obsessed with High School Musical and since tonight was the Finale of the High School Musical Production at the Cannon County Arts Center, we HAD TO GO!! It was FABULOUS! The talent was great and since most of it is local, that made it even better. I took Arden and Salem to see the production in Crossville back in March and it was spectacular, so I had high expectations for this show. We were not disappointed! We shared this night with my best friend and her daughter and another mutual friend and her daughter.We all wore our HSM shirts, yes even the big girls!!
It was a blast. The cast interacted with the crowd and Arden even got a high five from 2 of them. This was our first trip to the Arts Center and we will definitely be going back. Here are a few shots from our night out!


Mim said...

Is Arden Claire smooching Troy? I hope she is sending it to Mim.
Hope to see you soon. Love you, Mim

The Craven's said...

allison, my girls love high school musical too! i should've thought about taking them before it was over! :(

Kirby Williams said...

I am glad you all had fun. Wish I could have gone. I know I know I act the same age as Arden. LOL. Love ya.