I'm Back to Blogging

It has FOREVER since I had "real" post on here and I have alot to catch up on. Last Thursday night we went to the circus in Nashville with Carrie, Caylie, Wes, Desiree, Chance, and Mia. It was held at Municipal Auditorium; the last time I was in that place was in 2001 at the REO Speedwagon/STYX concert. The circus was pretty good, but not so good that we stayed through the entire performance. We left during intermission, not only because it was a little boring, but also because there were tornado watches out and we were a little freaked out.

On Friday, we just hung out around the house and then I went to a Purse Party with a couple of friends. It was really nice to have some girl time! Saturday morining Mike, Arden and I got up and went to The Avenue in Murfreesboro. It was great weather and to my surprise, it wasn't very crowded! We shopped around for a little while. I didn't buy anything except for a huge chocolate waffle cone from Maggie Moo's! YUMMO! Arden did get some tennis shoes, so it wasn't a total wasted day.
Saturday night, I helped Kathy Brewer at the Miss Warren County High Pageant. I enjoyed getting to volunteer for such a good cause and had so much fun getting to meet the contestants! On Sunday we went to church and then had a huge dinner at my Granny Ma and Pap's house to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary. On Monday I went to see my OB and had an ultrasound done. Baby #2 is expected to be here on May 9th. It is due on the 17th but I have to have a C-section again, so he has already given me a date. I haven't been sick but have felt a little yucky most days. I am getting ready to begin my 11th week, so hopefully I will begin to feel better soon!


Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

I have been tagged by Miss Tab and Shannon. Thank you both so much for thinking of me. I have seriously been slacking when it comes to my blog and I PROMISE to do better. I love reading all of my girls' blogs each day. You guys make me smile.

Here's how this award works:
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I am suppose to tag someone else to receive this award.There are so many sweet treats to read, today I pass along this award to:

But my obvious choice is Paula! Because she makes the sweetest treats of all!! Love you!


My Bits of Happy

After reading Tab's, I had to do this. I love reading what makes others feel "warm" on the inside.

-Arden waking up and asking, "Do we have school today?" and getting to tell her, "no". That actually makes both of us happy! :)
-Snuggling on the couch with a blanket, my dogs, and Arden.
-My mom's holiday goodies at Christmas.
-Going to Granny Ma's for "dinner" My family's dinner is most people's lunch. I guess it's a southern thing.
-Paula's Sugar Cookies BTW thanks for those last night!
-Being able to help others.
-Laughing with my students at school.
-A clean house...never happens that much!
-Watching football with Mike.
-Getting the remote before Mike does!! That way there is a "chance" I won't have to watch ESPN!!!
-Snow days!
-Sitting on my porch swing.
-Putting up my Christmas tree!