Happy Birthday Dear Regan, Ramsey, and Anneloes, Happy Birthday To YOU!!!

Tonight we celebrated Regan, Ramsey and Anneloes's Birthday. It was the perfect mix of food, family, friends and fun. I have never seen so many different types of meat. There were ribs, chicken kabobs, and pork loin. And as usual, everything was delicious! I wanted to make more pictures, but I didn't get a chance because we left a little early and went to Capalano's to watch the Joe Harvey Band. If you haven't seen these boys play, then you are missing out. They are FAB!!!! I could have stayed all night and listened to them. Every song they played, I knew and loved!!! Did I mention I love these guys?? Anyway, here are a few pix from tonight!This is one of Arden coloring; she wasn't interested in the festivities...just yet!!
Regan Anne Cheesing for the Camera!!

Awww...isn't he precious???

Me, Anneloes, and Tessi!!

Leo, Tessi's Brother

Ok, is it just me, or do these girls look like sisters????

Arden decides to join the fun and eat some ice cream!!!!

Just ME!!

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