A Bad Hair Day...I think not!!

Today Connor came to stay with us. We had a great day together, and Arden loves having him here. When we keep him, I get to "test" her skills to see what kind of big sister she would be, IF she were one. Here are a few pictures from today. He is soooo intense when watching Playhouse Disney!! The picture on the top was right after he woke up from his nap and his hair was too cute not to make a picture of!! We love you, Con Man!


Mylie and Me said...

Arden will be a good big sister! You and Mike need to give her a chance! Ha. I know, we can let her and Mylie be sister, that way we dont have to have any more. When are you guys coming our way? We need to go to dinner. Not Chef Wang's PLEASE!

Mim said...

You have the cutest blog. The pictures are great. Thanks for bringing Connor to see me today and for Mike putting the table together. Much love, Mom

Kirby Williams said...

Thanks for taking care of my baby today. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. He is a sweetie and so is Arden so you need to let her have a sibling. Love ya bunches.