Welcome, Lilla

Lilla is here!!! Jennifer called last night around 9 and said she was at the hospital and Lilla would be here soon. Then about 4 this morning, I got a text that said she had made her appearance! Arden, Cha Cha and I will be going to the Boro as soon as school is out tomorrow to see her! This is 4 babies in 3 years for our family. Connor was born in Feb 07, Mylie in April 07, Channing May 08, and Lilla April 09! Whew! Who will be next??? I can assure you it is NOT ME! LOL!!!

Don't forget to check out Ch. 4 at 10:00 tonight, because she is Thursday's baby. A star already and only about 16 hours old!

Doing great!

Cha Cha is doing great and seemed to be doing better almost immediately after surgery. Thanks for all of your sweet comments and for checking on her.


Say a prayer for our Cha Cha!

As most of you know, Channing will be having tubes put in her ears at 7:15 in the morning. It is a very routine procedure, but as a mommy, I am a little nervous because she will be put to sleep. She has been sick constantly since Thanksgiving with ear infections and has been on every kind of antibiotic known to man. NOTHING has worked and we have been in and out of the dr's office about every two weeks. She has been one sick little girl, so we are hoping that tubes will do the trick. When they say your children are different, they mean it. Arden was never sick and has only had one ear infection in her entire life. Channing is definitely making up for now! I want to get her well before summer gets here because we have lots of playing, vacationing and fun to do!!


Everyone's asleep...except me!

Last night I was working on some school stuff and turned around to find everone passed out; even Foxy and Roxy are making themselves comfy and cozy! Arden will kill me when she sees that I have posted this pic of her in rollers! LOL!

My Princess

Arden was in the Little Miss Warren County Pageant tonight. She did wonderfully and is mine and her daddy's princess no matter what. We don't usually do pageants but she and her Auntie decided she was going to to this one and I didn't discourage her. However, I have never encouraged her to do them because pageants have never been my thing, but she had fun, so that is all that matters. We love you, Arden and are so proud of you! Here are a few pics from tonight!

Hanging with Keili and Shelby before getting started.

Trying to stay busy!

Say Cheese!

Reading her "good luck" card from mommy!


Happy Birthday, Mylie Rae!

Happy Birthday to our precious, Mylie! We Love You!


Mylie's 2nd Birthday Party and More Eggs...

All done!
Arden putting on the finishing touches!

Showing off her new skirt!

Mmmmm...looks yummy!

The Birthday Girl!

Hannah, Mimi, and Cha Cha

Loved this balloon!
Kirby and Cha Cha

We had a FULL day today. We started out bright and early at Mylie Rae's 2nd birthday party in Murfreesboro. We had lots of fun spending time with her and the rest of the fam. Auntie P made her cupcakes and they tasted as good as they looked. I took them with me to the party and was praying the whole way there that they wouldn't get messed up. We made it and they were all in one piece! YAY!!! Mylie will be welcoming a new baby sister, Lilla, in the next couple of weeks (or at least that is what everyone thinks). She isn't due until May, but we all think she will be here early!

We stopped at The Avenue and shopped for a bit. Regan and I had to find a last minute Easter dress and we were successful. I got three because I couldn't make up my mind. We also got a first hand look at all of the devastation from the tornado; it is awful! Please keep these people in your prayers!

Arden and I dyed some Easter eggs. She loves doing this every year, even though she eats them as soon as we finish getting them decorated. LOL! I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Easter!


Signs of Spring

You know spring has arrived at our house because every year since we have lived in Remington Point, a robin has built a nest in my front door wreath. One year I didn't know the eggs had hatched and while I was watering my ferns, the babies all jumped out of the nest at the same time. I about had a heart attack!! They are always the cutest things when they are jumping around trying to fly. It is amazing to me how the momma bird builds such a strong safe place for her little ones to stay, and how beautiful the eggs are. I showed them to Arden and she didn't believe that they were actually real! This is such a sweet sight, especially after all the bad weather that we had today. It is amazing that spring can bring such beauty and such devastation all at the same time!


Princess Brunch

Last Saturday, we had a Princess Brunch at church. All the little girls K-5th grade were invited to dress up and be treated like royalty! I was so disappointed that I didn't feel well enough to go, because I had really looked forward to it. But mom took Arden for me and got some cute pictures. She will always be my princess! A huge thanks to Miss Lexie for lending us her gorgeous gown!

Another BIG Thank You!!

To Laura Dunn and Mrs. Betty!! Laura delivered this pecan praline cheesecake to my house Sunday morning to help me "get well"! And trust me, it did the trick! It is FABULOUS! Thanks girls for being so good to me when I was under the weather. Love ya both!


Thanks so much!

I want to thank all of my friends and family who have called, texted, and helped me out the past couple of days. I got up Tuesday morning feeling yucky and aching all over, but had lots of stuff to do at school and figured I would be fine. So I popped a couple of ibuprofen and went on all day feeling ok, but not great. By 2:00 that afternoon, I was miserable. I came home and went straight to bed feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Thank goodness Mike was off Tuesday night and was here to help with the girls. I stayed home yesterday debating on calling the dr. or the funeral home because I wasn't sure which one I needed. Then I get a call from school that Arden's temp. is 102.4, so I drag myself off the couch and head to Morrison. On my way there, I called to check on Cha Cha and find out that she also has a temp and is not feeling well. I get Arden and then drop by at Pre Pioneer and have Mrs. Paula bring her to the car because I didn't want to go in and scare the poor kids to death with the way I looked and sure didn't want to contaminate the place. Arden and I go to the dr. to find out that I have the flu and she has strep. I rarely get sick and when I do it usually doesn't stick around long, but this is the real deal. Mom came last night and stayed with us because Mike leaves at 9:30 to go to work and she didn't want me to be here by myself. She helped me all day with the girls and did laundry. This afternoon"my sis" Paula brought us "HOMEMADE" (of course) chicken noodle soup, crackers, kleenex, and jello! I haven't eaten anything much since I have been sick, but the soup hit the spot. It was great! Thank you to everyone who has checked on us, you all are the best. I feel worse today than I did yesterday, but did take a shower and that has made me feel a little better. Hopefully the Flumadine will work its magic and I will be back in commission by the weekend.

I snapped this picture of the girls today while they were resting in the recliner...then Foxy joined in hoping to get a cheese puff.