Taking a break from Blogging...

It has been a while since I have posted and there are many reasons why. But mostly because I have been very busy with school/family things and just haven't had the time. I have decided to take a break for a while, but will, hopefully, have the time to catch back up after school starts and my life gets into a new routine. With a new baby, going back to school has taken on a whole new meaning. So check back later on in August for updates.
Also, please keep me in your prayers. I am taking on a new job this year and want to do my very best for my school and the students. It has been a difficult summer, so hopefully a new school year will bring better and brighter things!!!


2 Month Check Up

Today was one I have been dreading...2 month shots!! It has been 5 years since I had to deal with shots and I forgot how horrible they are. However, Channing did great! The worst part of the entire visit was when Nurse Cindy gave her the oral meds for Rotavirus and she spit up BIG TIME!! She had just eaten and the medicine didn't set well with her, so up it came, along with most of the milk. The shots were bad, but she only cried for a second and was good by the time we left. After 2 rounds of Tylenol, she is now sleeping soundly...hopefully for the night!


We're Hooommme...

and I am exhuasted, but we are still going to make it to the Civic Center to watch the fireworks. This is the first year since 2003 that we have been home from the beach to see them, so Arden is very excited. I will catch up on blogging in a few days...hopefully!


Big Sis and Lil' Sis

Kirby got the girls these matching outfits and hairbows when Channing was born and they are absolutely adorable!!! They wore them to eat last night and I promised her I would get a picture. I tried to get Channing to pop the "Nuk" out of her mouth for this pic, but no such luck! She wasn't cooperating very well! Thanks Kirby, they looked precious!

New Pics

Here are a few pics from yesterday! We went out to eat last night at Jake's Steakhouse then played putt putt at Adventure Island. Arden has swimmer's ear, so we have been trying to keep her medicated! Today we plan to get hair wraps, shop a little and begin getting ready to head home. We will grill out tonight and try to use all of the food we haven't eaten yet. I HATE the last day on a trip; it is always soooo depressing. However, I have a ton of stuff to do at school, so I guess next week I will be getting stuff done there. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!!!



Channing at the beach!

Arden and Kaden

Arden and Daddy

Yesterday we went to a new shopping/dining/staying place called The Wharf. It was being built when we came last year and is now finished. It has lots of specialty shops and great restaurants. We ate at a place called Guy Harvey's Grill on the Bay. There were yachts right outside on the water to buy, but we just looked!:) The food was amazing! I got the shrimp quesadillas. We rode the huge farris wheel and got Dippin Dots for desert.

Today we got up and went to the pool for a while. The guys have been on baby sitting duty all week long, so today Carrie and I took over and brought the kids back up for naps. Tonight, the guys are going to grill out and we are eating here. Tomorrow night the men get to choose where to eat, since we picked last night. So who knows where we will end up!:)

We met up with a couple and their kids on Sunday. Kaden, their youngest daughter, has been playing with the kids all week and they have loved her! I swear she could be Ashley Freeman's twin sister! As soon as I met her, I loved her because she is so much like you, Ashley! She is such a sweet girl and is as cute as can be. She is a cheerleader and was in 8th grade last year, so I have enjoyed talking to her about that! Well, here are a few pictures from today!