My Princess

Here are some pictures (thanks to Jenn) from the pageant. Arden did so well and never showed any signs of being nervous. She made it back to the top 20 (32 LOL) and we were all so proud of her. As soon as we got back to the truck to change her clothes, she asked if she could do it again next year! Hearing that made it all worth it...all of it. The dress stress, the shoes, the hair, and my mom saving seats all afternoon. She had fun and that is all that matters!


Birthday...soccer...yogurt...and a bubble bath!

Today Arden turned 7 years old. I have no idea where time goes. She had her first soccer game of the season this morning. She did a great job playing defense (#8) and Channing loved being able to run around Pistole Park. We came home and had cupcakes, opened presents and watched UT get beat...:(. Channing woke up from her nap hungry and has decided that feeding herself is much more fun than if I do it and the end result of that is the above picture! She was covered in yogurt, so a bath was necessary...a bubble bath! As you can see, she loves when I turn on the bubbles in the jacuzzi!!! Hopefully it won't be this long again before I post. The Little Miss FOF is Tuesday night, so we have been getting ready for that. So much going on right now that I feel like I can't catch up...hopefully by Fall Break, it will be better.