Spirit Week at MES

Today was Punk Day at Morrison...stay tuned for more pics the rest of the week. You never know what you might see...


Halloween pics...long overdue post!

Here are some pictures from Halloween. Arden and Channing were both witches. And while I usually do not dress up at home (just at school) Arden twisted my arm. So I drug out the Athena Godess of Wisdom get up and headed out! We had a blast...hope everyone else did as well!


My Princess

Here are some pictures (thanks to Jenn) from the pageant. Arden did so well and never showed any signs of being nervous. She made it back to the top 20 (32 LOL) and we were all so proud of her. As soon as we got back to the truck to change her clothes, she asked if she could do it again next year! Hearing that made it all worth it...all of it. The dress stress, the shoes, the hair, and my mom saving seats all afternoon. She had fun and that is all that matters!


Birthday...soccer...yogurt...and a bubble bath!

Today Arden turned 7 years old. I have no idea where time goes. She had her first soccer game of the season this morning. She did a great job playing defense (#8) and Channing loved being able to run around Pistole Park. We came home and had cupcakes, opened presents and watched UT get beat...:(. Channing woke up from her nap hungry and has decided that feeding herself is much more fun than if I do it and the end result of that is the above picture! She was covered in yogurt, so a bath was necessary...a bubble bath! As you can see, she loves when I turn on the bubbles in the jacuzzi!!! Hopefully it won't be this long again before I post. The Little Miss FOF is Tuesday night, so we have been getting ready for that. So much going on right now that I feel like I can't catch up...hopefully by Fall Break, it will be better.


It's almost time for soccer...

and Channing needed a chair to sit in to cheer on her favorite soccer player...Arden! So we picked this one up last week in the Murfreesboro at Dick's sporting goods. They were on sale for $9.99! Of course, we got pink, and I took it by Kathy's yesterday to get it monogrammed! It turned out so cute! I can't wait for the season to get into full swing!! Hope everyone has a great week...Monday will be here soon!


Cigar Anyone??

I posted this on FB, but I know some of you don't have an account, and I wouldn't want anyone to miss this picture. Obviously, she had been in my bathroom with no adult supervision!! LOL

Roxy and Channing enjoying an afternoon snack!

Channing is infatuated with animals. All animals! She thinks she can go right up to them and "give them love", even if they do not reciprocate! Our dogs are no different. They have always been tolerant of kids, but do not like to be bothered...unless you come bearing food! Cute, cute, cute!!!


For Jerry and Shirley

Arden showing her muscles to Jerry!
Connor and Arden crusin' in the Jeep!

Channing showing us some belly!

Striking a pose while at Jerry and Shirely's house!

Jerry and Shirley go to San Fransisco each year to visit their son, and they always bring us something back. This year they got the girls matching Kimonos and me a kimono dress. They are gorgeous!


Bounce Barn

Channing and I coming down the slide.
Arden on her way to the bottom!
Driving with Snoopy!

If you haven't been to the Bounce Barn, you should go. It is as much fun for adults as it is for the kids! Mike and I had a blast taking Channing down the big slides. It is much easier going down than it is going up, but a great workout! We went for Hannah's birthday party and, of course, Arden has already hit me up for her birthday in September. We will just have to see...


No words...

On Sunday afternoons, we come home from church, change clothes and usually just relax. We nap, watch TV, play outside and usually I work on homework. This Sunday was no different. We got home and I told Arden to go change her clothes and hang up her dress. She skipped off to her bedroom without an argument...shocker, and came back out a few minutes later with her play clothes on. I never questioned whether or not she hung up the dress, because I just assumed she did. That night I went into her room and found the dress laying neatly on the bed with this note on top. You see, her dresses are on the top rack of her closet, so she cannot get to them without help. And I looked on the bottom rack, and did not find an empty hanger...not one.
I thought this was absolutely the sweetest thing I had ever seen. She is such a sweet girl and I love her so!!



Arden receiving her trophy and MVP award!
Sarah and Arden getting ready to play!

Heidy-Lin and Arden before the game!

Channing in the dugout eating french fries!

Tonight was our last official game of the season! Wooo Hooo! Each child got a trophy and was recognized individually. But this year has been extra special for us because it is Arden's 4th year to play and her last year of T-ball. Next year it is on to coach pitch. She has always been a good player, but this year she really gave it her all. When she got up to bat, she always delivered...usually a home run and sometimes a grand slam. She loves ball and plays with all her heart and that is why she was voted MVP by her team members! She had no idea that she had gotten it and was tickled to death when they called her name! We are so proud of her and hope that she continues to love the game! Congrats baby girl!


More pictures

Channing giving her penguin some lovin' at Adventure Island
Hiding in the sand bucket at the Crab Trap!

My BFF, Carrie and I strike a pose!
Channing and mommy before going to dinner!


We're Here!

We arrived yesterday afternoon around 4:00, checked in, got groceries and COLLAPSED!!!!!!!!! We are up and at em this moring and have lots planned for the day! I will be posting pictures daily!! Everyone have a great Wednesday!!!!



4 more days...

“On vacations: We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings.” Erma Bombeck
It is that time again for our annual trip to the beach with our best friends in the whole wide world, Carrie and Darron. I am so ready to relax for a few days and will have lots of pictures to post. Everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July!


Happy Birthday, Kirby

Happy 22nd birthday, Kirby Shell! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day!


My ABC's...

I am honored to have been tagged by Mrs. Paula
*A - Age: 30
*B - Bed size: King
*C - Chore you hate: Unloading the dishwasher
*D - Dogs names:Foxy and Roxy (Both Pomeranians)
*E - Essential start to your day item: DIET SUNDROP!
*F- Favorite color (S): UT Orange, of course!
*G - Gold or Silver: Silver all the way!
*H - Height: 5'4"
*I - Instruments you play: The piano
*J - Job title: Teacher
*K - Kids: 2-Arden and Channing
*L - Living arrangements: married
*M - Mom's name: Elaine, Mim, Mom, E
*N - Nicknames: Buffy, Cissy, Al and Mike calls me Shorty because I am way shorter than him!
*O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: 0
*P - Pet Peeve: Too many to mention!
* Q - Quote from a movie: My colors are blush and bashful. Pink is my signature color.-Shelby, Steel Magnolias
*R - Right or left handed: Right
*S - Siblings: NONE, I am an only child. I do have a step brother and step sister.
*T - Time you wake up: 5:30 During School, And By 6:30 During The Summer!
*U - Underwear: Does This Mean, DO I WEAR ANY? ~ YES!
*V - Vegetable you dislike: Green Peas...NASTY!
*W - What makes you run late ? : I AM RARELY LATE! I always try to be early!
*X- X-ray's you've had: 1
*Y - Yummy food you make: I love to bake breads, cakes, and cookies.
*Z- Zoo animal: White tigers! They are gorgeous!

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

What's growin' on...

Arden and I love tomatoes, but homegrown ones are the BEST! So we are trying our hand at a little gardening...and so far it has been a success! Our wonderful neighbors, Jerry and Shirley, gave Arden some tomato plants a few weeks ago when they were doing their planting. So I planted them in Miracle Grow", stuck and tied them up and off they went. They are growing like crazy! I can't wait to make a bologna and tomato sandwich with these babies!!! Maybe next year we will expand...who knows we might even catch up with Auntie P!

For everyone out there who needs this...

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)


My baby the ball player!

This is Arden's fourth year to play ball at Morrison, and Mike and I have coached the last three. We love sports around our house and if you have met my husband, you know that I am in no way exaggerating! He eats, sleeps and breathes everything sports.

So now onto why I am posting...to brag! She hit her first homerun last week, then a grand slam in the next game and TWO home runs tonight! I cannot tell you how proud we are of her!! GO ARDEN!!