At the Lake!

This morning began as any Sunday around our house. We got up, got ready, went to church and then came home. However, today we did something a little bit different. We spent the afternoon on a houseboat. SO MUCH FUN!!! A friend of Mike's invited us down to spend the day with him, his wife and daughter. They are such great people and we had a ball. He and Mike had a little bet going that he could sling me off the tube, but I wasn't going anywhere. I held on for dear life. Thanks for our day! It was a great end to the summer! Well, my summer anyway...I have to start working on my classroom this week! Here is Arden and her daddy gearing up for the ride!!

Just relaxing...but not for long!!

After the ride!!

Hangin' out by the houseboat!

Arden getting out of the water. Time to go home :(

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