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My friend Brandie Mansfield at Dream Custom Artwork tagged me to list five things you may not know about me. I am sooooo very behind on doing this but haven't forgotten you, Brandie!! I, too, feel like I've already spilled it all...but in case I have left something out at some point here goes.
1. I hate ironing!!!! No, actually it's more like I LOATHE ironing!!! My mom always does it for me because she knows more than likely, I will let it pile up until I have nothing else to wear!!
2. I can't stand pack rats. About once a month, I go through the house on a tangent and will pack stuff up to be tossed or donated. I keep nothing!!
3. I have built 2 houses in the same neighborhood. Mike and I built our first house in 2003, sold it 2 years later and built another one just right up the street. I have moved alot since I went to college. I am one of those people who doesn't mind it; especially when Red Ball does all the work!! :)
4. I have always wanted to go to Aruba, but since the Natalee Holloway thing, I am reconsidering!
5. I love my dogs...ALOT!!!!!!!!!! Most of you know this about me, but I really LOVE them. They are just like little people. Mike is really out numbered around here and will be even more so when Channing gets here, because he is the only male in the house!!

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