Little Miss Valentine

Last night was the Morrison Ruritan's Little Miss Valentine Pageant. There were 29 little beauties and one of them was mine. Our little princess is now the 2008 Little Miss Valentine.
Arden has never been in a real pageant in her life. She has always said that they weren't for her and had no interest in them. But in the fall she and Andy Sliger were voted King and Queen by their Kindergarten class and I think this got her courage up a bit. So when the applications went out for this pageant, she insisted that she wanted to do it. I wasn't totally thrilled about it, but had decided that if she wanted to do it, then I wouldn't stop her.
Pageants have always made me nervous; even if I knew NO ONE in them. So I thought I would be a wreck before last night even got here. But much to my surprise, I held it together. Arden wasn't nervous at all and I think that helped me stay calm. I tried my best to make light of the whole thing and prepared her to go home empty handed. Each girl in the pageant received a goodie bag and a trophy, no matter what, so she wasn't concerned with winning, because in her eyes, everyone was a winner.
She did beautifully and was completely thrilled with just being in the top ten. Then when they began announcing the top 4, Mike and I got nervous...I mean really nervous!! And when they said contestant number 10, we almost passed out. WE COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! We are so proud of her and all of the little girls. It takes alot of courage to get up on a stage without your mommy and "perform". Congrats to all of the winners; you are beautiful!!!!

Here are a few pix from last night:
Arden and "her man" Andy

Arden and "The One and Only" ConMan

With her best friend Caylie

With Mim

At home in her pj's


Danielle said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! I know you must be thrilled. Andy didn't look to thrilled at having his picture made, but how cute are they?


Mim said...

I am so pleased with how gracious all of you responded to Arden being named Little Miss Valentine. She is beautiful inside and out just like her parents. I think having Andy as her number one fan didn't hurt. Much love, Mim

Tammy said...

Andy knew from the start that Arden would be "the queen"! He was so happy last night when she did get it. He didn't want me to tell his Daddy, because, he had to tell him when we got home.Miss Arden is a beauty inside and out! Congratulations Arden we are so proud of you!
Stacey,Tammy,Rylan,ANDY and Graylin

Sheila said...

Congrats Miss Arden!!! You are truly beautiful inside and out! These pictures show what a beauty you are, Alison I know you and Mike are so proud of her! You guys are great parents and you have been blessed, enjoy!! Much love to all three of you:)

Stacey said...

I just knew where this was going when I saw the top! I am so happy for all of you. She is a living doll and deserved this so much! Way to go Arden, Mom and Dad!

Brandie said...

Congratulations Arden and family! I know you all are very excited and rightfully so. Enjoy!

Regina Campbell said...

Congrats Arden. I knew you would do good. Brett and Bryce are excited.