A little sad...but not really!

Mom was going to order the paisley print bedding for Channing and it is on back order for 10 weeks!!! We don't want to take the risk of it being backordered and then, as it has happened before, become out of stock. So I think I am going with the Chocolate and Pink. This was my first choice anyway, so I am not disappointed. I honestly liked it better all along, but being the non decision making person that I am, was influenced by my family. So for all of you who liked the paisley better, sorry to let you down. And for those who liked the pink and choc...WE ROCK!!! So Mrs. Brandie, it won't be Channing's Paisley anymore, it will be what we discussed initially. I can't wait to begin putting the room together!!


Kirby Williams said...

Sorry I gave you a hard time about the other. I love this too. We need to get it monogramed. I know just the person who could do it. LOL. love you and talk to you later today.

The Craven's said...

I love it! This was my favorite to begin with...see how things work out, when it's meant to be! LOL!

Sheila said...

Alison I love the pink/brown nursery! I know you, you will have a blow us away, knock your socks off nursery. You could probally take black and make it beautiful in a nursery! Much love and I am praying for you and little Channing (as well as all your family) Have a restful weekend