I WON!!!!!!!

I got the bedding! I thought I was going to be out bid with only 20 seconds left, but I wasn't! I am so happy! Since the colors are official, I can get to work!

Thanks for all of your help with deciding! I hate making decisions alone!


ellaandmommy said...

This is cute bedding! I bought Ella Claire's bedding off of ebay also. Her nursery is in black and white tolie. Is this from Beyond Bedding or JoJo designs? We got like 9 pieces for a steal. :) I have been really pleased with hers. Hope Ella and Channing will be buddies! Congrats...hope you like it!

Alison Cummins said...

Yes, it is from JoJo Designs and it was a steal! I am glad that you are happy with it. That makes me feel better. I am always worried when I get something online because you never really know! Thanks for sharing!!:)

Kirby Williams said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I like this bedding better than the others. Great job. I can't wait to come help you decorate. Love ya bunches.