Please let it snow...

I know we were off today, but I still had to get up early because I had a Dr. appt. at 10:00. My Dr. is in Hermitage, so that meant I had to get up at 7:00, which is a little later than usual, but not as late as I would like to sleep. Everything went great. Arden and I got to hear Channing's heartbeat, which was at 150 bpm. We are both doing wonderful!!!! The genetics testing was done at the Dec. visit and those results came back great. I go back on the 18th of February for the diabetes testing. So far, this pregnancy has been very uneventful and easy; just like it was with Arden. Everything has gone as smooth as silk and I feel so blessed. I have tried so hard to not gain as much weight with this one and so far, I am on track with the charts. I know everyone is different, but with Arden, I gained 80lbs, and I swore that wouldn't happen again! I was so miserable that I couldn't enjoy being pregnant.

Well, we are wearing our pj's wrong side out, flushing ice cubes, and doing our dance before bed tonight! So I hope you all will do the same!!

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TAG, you're it. Come by my blog to play.