Christmas Slideshow

Here is a quick snapshot of what's been going on at our house since Christmas. We had Christmas with my mom, step dad, step brother, sister-in-law, step sister and two nephews on Christmas Eve night. My sister-in-law is also expecting a little girl, Marli, in March. I can't believe Mim is going to have 5 grandchildren after Channing is born! We also had Christmas with my dad on Christmas Eve afternoon. Christmas Day was spent at Granny Ma's. We all gather there around 1:00, eat, then someone reads the Christmas story from the Bible (this year Salem had the honor), we hold hands pray and have a good cry. My family is very close and our emotions always seem to get the best of us when we are together. We always try to remind each other to be thankful for our family because this could be the last Christmas we all spend together. A little depressing...I know, but it is a great reality check and always leaves us hugging each other a little tighter before we say goodbye. On the 26th, we got up at 2:30AM and headed to Nashville to catch our flight to PA. We flew to Baltimore, had a 3 hour lay over, then on to Pittsburgh. We stayed until the 31st and flew into Chicago, where we were welcomed with snow! I was about to panic because I was scared to death that we would be stranded, but luckily, we got out of there just in time! We spent New Year's Eve with Carrie and Darron and barely made it to midnight because we were soooo tired and jet lagged. We had a busy day yesterday at Donald and Tish's beautiful new lake house. So today was spent cleaning, unpacking, and trying to get some rest, but that hasn't happened yet. When I finish this, I am going to get my new full body massager and relax on the couch!! Enjoy the show!

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