Not much to say tonight...

I don't have anything very exciting to blog about tonight. I got evaluated today, and even after 4 years, it is still a little nerve racking. But my kids were great and everything went perfectly. I have a couple more and then I am done for the year. I am trying to get them done a little early in case Channing decides to come early.

I do have some super exciting news about tomorrow night. AMERICAN IDOL RETURNS!!! Ok, I don't really like reality TV very much because, honestly, they have over done it. However, I absolutely LOVE American Idol and will not miss an episode! I wait all summer/fall for it to come back on and am so pumped about it. This is one show that never gets old to me. So for all of you AI junkies who are rejoicing with me about this, leave a comment and let me know either your favorite idol, or the one you hated. I know we all remember the guy who sang "She bang, she bang." He got famous off of being bad! I heard a Christmas Carol by him during the holidays, but I can't remember what it was. FUNNNNYYYY!!!

I can't wait to hear from you!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Gurrrrrl! I am SOOO excited about AI! It is my MOST favorite show on TV (next to Big Brother, which is making a triumphant return in Feb.) We will definitely be doing some serious AI blogging soon!

PS. You up for lunch this weekend?

Alison Cummins said...

Yes, lunch is still on. 12:00 sound good to you????