Not very much longer...

until Christmas. Well, they don't call it Christmas anymore because that is not politically correct and that really ticks me off. I hate that fact that no one can say Merry Christmas because they are afraid it will offend someone. I mean give me a freaking break. I am offended that people are saying Happy Holidays but does anyone care?? NO, because they are too concerned with the messed up feelings of the very small minority in the world. I want to say Merry Christmas and let others know that Christ is the reason for the season. It isn't all about gifts, parties, and shopping so all of the retail chains that won't say Merry Christmas in their ads need to get a clue and stand up for what is right. There are many more of us who spend our money with them who are not offended by Merry Christmas than those who are. The whole Merry Christmas thing does make me mad, but what really set me off is when I heard that Mall Santas can no longer say HO HO HO because that, too, might be offensive. To who? For this to have become an issue someone must have complained. But my question is "who did it offend and who in the heck did they complain to?" Did they write a letter to Santa? I guess that is the only logical explanation. The letter probably looked something like this:

Dear Santa,
I am writing to you, not to ask to a football or a dolly, but to ask you for a little compassion. As a child I visited you at the mall and told you of my Christmas wishes, dreamed of you landing on my rooftop, sliding down the chimney, delivering my gifts and even hoped of hearing those three beloved words that have made you ever so famous. However I am not a little girl anymore and have become a woman whose Christmas list has changed. I would share it with you, but it might make you blush and your cheeks are the perfect shade of red as they are. I will spare you the details but I am asking that you not say HO HO HO anymore while at the mall, in your sliegh, or anywhere else for that matter. I am personally offended by this because I have heard that word used in a deragatory manner, and believe it was directed at me. I know you are all about making wishes come true, so Santa Baby, please grant mine!

Yours Truly,

Please understand that this is just my opinion and if you agree, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts too!!!!!!!

Oh...Merry CHRISTmas!!!!


Paula Wanamaker said...

I am so fed up with POLITICAL CORRECT CRAP!!!!
I wish they would take that and cram it up their ----you know what!!!
Christmas is about 1 thing, and 1 thing only, and that is to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Who, was born for 1 reason, and that was to become our Saviour, in which he gave his life, so that we ourselves could be saved!!!!
And as far as the HO HO HO, Well that is just the absolute dumbest thing I have ever heard!!!!
Why don't they take their HO, HO, HO, and stick it where the sun doesn't GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahhee
I love you, and always will.
paula ann

McKenna said...

I love it! Merry Christmas!

Mylie and Me said...

This season I have started to say Merry Christmas to everyone at the check out line of the various stores that I shop. So far no one has come back with a "Happy Holidays" they have all said Merry Christmas back. You should try it too! If they don't say it back, keep saying it louder and louder!
Love your letter! That is too funny!

Mim said...

I am so proud of you! I, too, have had it with 'Happy Holidays."
I loved your letter. I say "Merry Christmas" to everyone I see and thus far it has been the responding phrase. So glad that you are my "little girl."
love you Mom

Danielle said...

Funny you mention this. I was in the doctor's office last week and an ethnic (not sure, but I think they were from India) couple happened to be there at the same time. This couple was checking out and the male told the receptionist Happy Holidays. I thought to myself, saying Merry Christmas must be against their religion or something. I always tell everyone Merry Christmas, I guess I'm not politically correct. Oh, well that's okay! By the way, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!