Whew...it has been crazy at our house!

Ok again, it has been a long time since I posted anything new and again it is only because I have had NO FREE TIME!!!! I guess I need to back up a little bit from the last post and tell you what happened to Foxy on Monday, October 22nd. Arden and I were getting read for bed around 8:00 and just as we do every night, we took Foxy and Roxy out to do their business. They both usually do it and come right back in. But for some reason on this night, Roxy wasn't cooperating. She was wondering around the yard sniffing and snooping, but not peeing. So to help her along, I began negotiating with her! Begging her to hurry up and finish, so I could go to bed. In the mean time, Foxy, whom always runs out of the house barking at NOTHING, was as usual, barking at nothing. She runs to the edge of the yard and barks her head off at the dogs across the road that she cannot see!!! It was dark and I was preoccupied with Roxy and I didn't realize that Foxy was ON HWY 70, which everyone knows is like the Indy 500 all day, everyday! The next thing I hear is a loud smack and Foxy yelping her head off. This is where panic set in and Arden began crying, because she knew what had happened. I prayed at that moment that if Foxy were hurt severely, that she wouldn't get up because I couldn't stand to see her suffer. But to my surprise, she came running toward the house. I couldn't believe it! This little Pomeranian had somehow survived getting hit by a car going at least 65 MPH. When I got to her she actually looked as though there were no injuries. Then she turned around and I saw the side that the car hit and I about lost it. I will spare you the details, but it was BAD!!! I ran in the house and got a towel to wrap her in and was trying to keep it together so Arden wouldn't realize how badly she was hurt. Mike was at work and I couldn't get in touch with my vet in McMinnville. By this time, I am sure she is going to die in my arms, so I called my neighbor Jerry and he came down to help me. I called Bridgestone to get in touch with Mike. That in itself took an act of congress, even after I told the guy that it was an emergency. All of my wonderful neighbors came to side. Some came to keep Arden calm, others came to keep me calm and to check on our precious Foxy. Mike got home around 9:00 and was completely devastated because he, like me, thought she was going to die. I got in touch with Dr. Tate in Woodbury and he agreed to see her. I was sooo relieved. Mike took her down and I was prepared for the worst! Arden and I stayed here, cried, and tried to keep our hopes up. Then the phone rang and it was Mike. He said that Dr. Tate was certain she was going to be ok but would need surgery and would have to stay with him for a while. We were so happy! She stayed for a total of 9 nights but is now recovering at home with us!! And for those of you who are wondering, she DOESN'T go out of the house without us or a leash!!!


Josh & Tanya Houston said...

Oh Alison, bless your little heart. I know that had to be so hard on you all! I am so glad that she is okay and back at home with you guys.

Sheila said...

Ali I am sitting here with tears in my eyes...OMG cru is so special to us and we almost lost him summer before last to liver problems...Thank God she is ok...our pets are like family (especially the ones who live inside our homes). I am so glad she is going to recover...much love