Ahhhh....the weekend!

Another busy week and lots to blog about. Monday was my 15 week visit with the Dr. I went in hoping for a "freebie" U/S. You know the one that they aren't supposed to do, but will do, if you know someone. But I refused to ask Dr. Beatty because I didn't want to impose on other's appointments but I really wanted to. Mike actually got to go with me and had reminded a million times on the way that the Steelers were playing that night 7:30. Anyway, my appt. was at 4:00 but we got there at 3:30. We walked into a packed waiting room but that wasn't unusual; it was always crowded late in the day. We waited a while and by 4:30 Mike and Arden were getting restless. I don't know who was worse, but they both let me know how long we had been sitting there. I explained to them that there had probably been an unexpected delivery and messed up the whole schedule, but that really didn't work. Finally I got called back about 5:30 and was the last patient in the waiting room. I went in, did all the vitals and the nurse took me to a room and we listened to the HB (158 bpm). I was so glad to hear that because I didn't start feeling any movement until yesterday, so I had no way of knowing if everything was "good". A little later Dr. Beatty came in and asked if everything was ok and then said, "I bet you could get a little sneak peak since you are the last one here." I was soooo thrilled and just knew that I was going to leave that office and know what we were having. So off I go to the water fountain and begin chugging down cups of water. I looked into Craig's room and the door was closed. So I assumed that he was still with a patient. After a couple of minutes of waiting and a few more of Mike telling me we weren't going to make it home for the game, I decided to knock on the door. No answer. He had already gone home.:( Not that I blame him because it was almost 6:00, but I was sad! We head home and make it just in time to see that the game had been postponed because of lightning. So now I have to wait until the 20th of December to find out. I am going to try to keep it a secret from my family until Christmas Day, but it is going to be hard. Do you guys have any fun ideas for the "big reveal?" I have a couple, but I am still open for suggestions!

BTW, the Steelers won the game 3-0. A nail biter I tell ya!


Paula Wanamaker said...

Yeah, I'll give you a hint!!! You can tell me and I will keep it a secret from everyone else!!!!!heehee
you better tell me first, im about to crack up!!!
meanwhile just plan on me going with you that day!!!!
love ya
paula ann

Kirby Williams said...

Get real Paula she is not going to tell you first. lol. You can't go with her that day either. That would not be fair. I told her she should have the guy put it in an envelope and let Grannyma or Arden open in front of everybody on Christmas day. I think that would be so cool. Love ya.

Alison Cummins said...

You girls are sooo funny! However, Paula has an advantage because she makes the best cookies in the world aaaannnnnddddd she can win Snowbird mugs! hehe!! Keep the ideas coming!