Where do I begin?

Today has been "magical" in every sense of the word. Arden has been treated like a true Princess everywhere we went today. Because this trip was to celebrate her Bday, they gave her a Happy Birthday pin to wear around the park. So, every single park employee has greeted us with a "Happy Birthday Arden". It is amazing! We started our day about 10:00 after "sleeping in" a little because we were awakened this morning about 430 with mom banging on the bathroom door. I thought she was sleep walking, but then she said that she was locked out of the bathroom. Not good!!!!! We called the front desk and a maintenance man came to our room about 15 minutes later and told us the door was broken. Ya think??? When I got out of the shower the entire knob fell off in my hand. No big deal. We can live without a door knob! Anyway there is too much to post right now, but here are a few pic of the things we did today. Until tomorrow...

This is Miss Julie whom fixed Pal Mickey for us. He wasn't feeling well, and she did a little "surgery" free of charge!

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