Let it Bead...

My daughter is Miss Crafty. She adores crafting of any kind and is obsessed with the craft section at Wal-Mart. She began Art lessons at Chole's last week and has asked me everyday if it was the day for art. She LOVES Mrs. Brandie. Her birthday is Wednesday and she always starts receiving gifts early because my in-laws live in PA. So today when we got home, there was a huge package on the table with lots of goodies inside. But the thing that she loved the most was the beading kit. But it is not your typical kit, it is paper clip jewelry. I was so amazed at all the cute things inside this book. However, it is a little more difficult that it looks so I am going to have to read a bit more before I master that skill.

But this got her craft juices flowing and she said that she wanted to make a necklace, earrings and bracelet, so we go to Wal-Mart and buy one bag of beads, some string and the clasps. Then we got to work. Now keep in mind I have NEVER BEADED IN MY LIFE!!!!! I was clueless as what to do, but I just winged it and acted like I knew exactly what was going on. I can't make Arden think that I am not with it, right???? So a couple of hours later and what seemed like a few thousand beads in the kitchen floor, here is our finished product. She is very proud of her creation and I have to say, so am I. I made the necklace with the shell pendant just for fun!! I hope I made Tabetha proud. More important than the necklaces, are the memories we made while doing these. It was sooo much fun!


Mim said...

Girls, you make me proud! I'm glad that someone in the family is "crafty!" Alison, do you remember what you told me in 6th grade about my abilities????
Luv the jewelry and Grannie Annie will too!! Mim

Alison Cummins said...

No, I don't. But I am sure it was something funny. I was a riot, huh??? Love you!

Sheila said...

Alison I am so proud of you girls..you did a good job.
Brittney and I having been digging into our creative souls too. Memories you are creating is most important...Have fun at the Fair, tell Miss Arden not to over do the fun...this is prelude to Disney!!!!