I've been tagged by Tab!

Miss Tabetha tagged me. I love doing these because you get to learn "off the wall" things about your friends!

Accent - Very Southern, unless I am teaching "proper English" to my students.

Chore I Hate - Dusting, because as soon as I get done, the furniture is dusty again!! Why Lord, WHY????

Essential Electronics - Computer and Cell Phone.

What's for supper? Usually soup, sandwich, or something that doesn't require cooking. However, I prepared Paula Deen's pork chops, mac n'cheese, pasta salad and rolls the other night and was so proud of myself, I had to tell my neighbors. They couldn't believe it either!!!!!!!!

Perfume -Magnolia Blossom eau de toilette spray from Bath and Body

Gold or silver - silver all the way!!

Insomnia - No way! I LOVE TO SLEEP and am a total groucho if I don't get enough.

Job Title - Wife, mommy, dog whisperer, nurse, psychologist, kisser of boo boos.

Most Admired Trait - Not holding grudges! I am very forgiving and can't stand to have people uspet with me.

Phobia -Small spaces. Let me tell you my own personal horror story. Last year all of my co-workers and I took the 6-8th graders to Ruby Falls. I had never been and had no idea that the falls were IN A FLIPPING CAVE!!!!!!!!! When we got there I seriously about died. My mom had gone with us as a chaperone and I told her that she was going to have to take the kids without me. However, I made it through, but had it not been for my kids, I wouldn't have. They kept giving me comfort and made me feel a little better. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!!

Religion - Christian

Siblings - I do have a step sister and brother, but they didn't come into my life until I was 20, so I still consider myself an ONLY.

Time I wake up - During the week, 5:45 am...On weekends, as late as Arden will let me.

Unusual talent/skill - I am a better shot than Mike. When we took our Hand Gun Permit test, I kicked his butt. I felt like one of Charlie's Angels!!

Vegetable - My Granny Ma's fried squash and okra. Those 2 are my faves.

Worst habit - Trying to keep everything in my house perfect. I really need to let this go, because with a 4 year old and 2 dogs, oh and a husband, that isn't going to happen all of the time.

X-Rays ????? Not sure how to answer that one!

Favorite Meal - Outback Steakhouse Queensland Chicken Salad or anything my Granny Ma cooks.

Okay, now I am tagging Jenn and Kirby. :)


Kirby Williams said...

hey girl. i will get back to that tag as soon as i can. i love you and hope to see you soon.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

ROFL. I loveeeeeeeeee the Charlie's Angels info! :)

Mylie and Me said...

I will be in town on Saturday and may stop by on our way out, if your home. Sunday we always go to the fair for dinner and then wednesday, kirby, connor and mylie and I are going to the fair to see the animals. You and arden should go with us too!