Taking "Bubbly" to a whole new level!!

Last night, Arden got in our jacuzzi tub and went a little crazy with the bubbles. She has just discovered the "fun" that is my tub and now she wants to get in it every night. I put bubbles in, and from the looks of it, she put more...ALOT MORE!! Bubbles were everywhere!!!!!! But she had fun and that is what matters! I love these pictures. She is hilarious!!!


Mim said...

Luv how the pictures turned out. I was so tickled when I looked in and saw that tub full of bubbles I knew we needed to capture the moment. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys last night.
Love you, Mom

Regina Campbell said...

This is great. We miss seeing you all.


Danielle said...

Hey Alison,

Could you email me your mom's address? dssliger@blomand.net Also, I tagged you for a meme. Don't you just love doing those?!


Sheila said...

I love these pics of Miss Arden! I hope you are feeling well Alison. I understand the bubbles and the tub, Jalen and Jensen love to come swim in my tub! Aren't kids the funniest....lol Have a great week at school....not to long till Spring Break!!!