My Bits of Happy

After reading Tab's, I had to do this. I love reading what makes others feel "warm" on the inside.

-Arden waking up and asking, "Do we have school today?" and getting to tell her, "no". That actually makes both of us happy! :)
-Snuggling on the couch with a blanket, my dogs, and Arden.
-My mom's holiday goodies at Christmas.
-Going to Granny Ma's for "dinner" My family's dinner is most people's lunch. I guess it's a southern thing.
-Paula's Sugar Cookies BTW thanks for those last night!
-Being able to help others.
-Laughing with my students at school.
-A clean house...never happens that much!
-Watching football with Mike.
-Getting the remote before Mike does!! That way there is a "chance" I won't have to watch ESPN!!!
-Snow days!
-Sitting on my porch swing.
-Putting up my Christmas tree!


Ashley said...

espn should not exist lol, or there should be a time limit = urgh!

Sheila said...

Ali, I dought your house is ever NOT clean. I love your bits of happy, I may do it. Good to see you Friday. Have a blessed day

Sheila said...

hey girlie are you doing ok? I have been missing you on here. I know it is that time of year. Busy Busy Busy....I hope you are feeling ok, and keep us posted on the soon to be addition!

Alison Cummins said...

I am doing great. I know I am slacking. I promise to post some new stuff soon!!! Thanks for checking on me!