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Ok, Steph tagged all of us who have blogs and she said that she was going to keep a check to make sure we did this too. So, not to disappoint her here goes... Love you, Steph

8 things that some of you may not know about me...

1. I love anything HSM. I have been anxiously awaiting HSM2 for months now. And I think that Zac Efron is absolutely gorgeous!

2. I love animals... I have 2 dogs:Foxy a red Pomeranian that we adopted 4 years ago and Roxy a black teacup Pomeranian that we adopted this week. And the cool thing is, we didn't name either one of them. Is that fate or what???? Oh, Arden also has 3 fish and 2 miniature frogs.

3. I am a total clean freak. I can't stand for my house to be dirty. The older I get, the worse it it gets! (I know my mom will laugh when she reads this because I was a SLOB when I lived at home.)

4. I am addicted to Court TV.

5. I have found a new love of crafting. Nothing specific, just random things!

6. I have a wonderful family, immediate and extended, but in my family it's all the same. So if you're my 1st cousin or my 10th, I do not know the difference!

7. I am a kid at heart. I live for snow days, the fair, all holidays and vacations!

8. Nicknames I have: Buffy, Al, Mrs. C The last two are pretty obvious, but the first one I earned when I was a little girl. I had a bunch of rabbits (not all at the same time) and I named them all Buffina. So, whatever reason, I became Buffy!

Ok, Kirby, Jenn, and Paula! You're next!


Stephanie Edens said...


fletcher watched hsm 2 last night, but he claims it's only because of the sports in it...yeah, right!!!

lovin' your blog...


Alison Cummins said...

That is soo cute. I am sure the pretty girls had NOTHING to do with him watching it, right?